in reverse chronological order


  1. Friedrich Martin Schneider, Sławomir Solecki
    Groups without unitary representations, submeasures, and the escape property
    Preprint (2024), 40 pages.


  1. Maxime Gheysens, Bojana Pavlica, Christian Pech, Maja Pech, Friedrich Martin Schneider
    Echeloned Spaces
    Preprint (2023), 35 pages.
  2. Vladimir Pestov, Friedrich Martin Schneider
    On invariant means and pre-syndetic subgroups
    To appear in Topology and its Applications, preprint (2023), 16 pages.


  1. Maksym Chaudkhari, Kate Juschenko, Friedrich Martin Schneider
    Properties of group actions on orbits of an amenable equivalence relation and topological versions of Kesten’s theorem
    Preprint (2022), 38 pages.
  2. Till Hauser, Friedrich Martin Schneider
    Entropy of group actions beyond uniform lattices
    Preprint (2022), 31 pages.